Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here goes...

While sharing stories and laughing during Emily's birthday dinner the other night, Amy jokingly mentioned I could write a book (or something to that effect) about weddings being that I'm a "professional wedding guest" by way of my position as a wedding photographer. Needless to say, I've attended my share of weddings - about 130 and counting. (I can hear my ex-boyfriend grudgingly questioning why anyone would, for whatever reason, voluntarily attend ONE wedding, much less 130! A shared opinion by many of my male friends). Nonetheless, I won't admit to having seen it all, but I have seen A LOT!

Also, the fact that I'm a thirty-three year old female yet to be married...well, I've paid attention and have made lots of UNOFFICIAL notes and comments and formed UNOFFICIAL opinions and thoughts over the years about the weddings I've attended. All of this with the expectation to use for "personal reference" in hopes of walking down the aisle myself one day...(Anyone know of any single fellas? Anyone?)...or to happily share the little bit of wedding wisdom I've gained with any soon-to-be bride. Anyway...

My "note-taking" all began with the first wedding I photographed in March of 2005 and continues today. I've created a sort of personal UNOFFICIAL running list of likes and dislikes of wedding and reception venues, bridal party gown styles and colors, flower bouquets and decor choices, bridal cake designs and tastes, to current wedding trends, etc.

Sidenote: I do have a strictly personal, unsolicited wedding vendor "favorites" list. Some are vendors I've worked closely with and respect their professionalism and work (Jim, of course you're included in this group); some I may not have personally worked with but am simply an admirer. I might be nice enough to share...with a select day... : )

Also, I've made consideration to the "unknowns" that almost never fail to occur at any given wedding at about any given time; even to the most well-planned, well-organized (OCD, as my friends like to call it) bride. In other words, the "I-should-have-broughts", "didn't-think-about-thats", and "I-needs". I plan to note such things later in this blog. Maybe I'll think of some cute way to identify these items. Maybe highlight them or put some blinking nonsense next to them. Or, maybe just a simple list of must-have items I've learned through experience.

I'm sure I'm leaving off so much more but it will eventually make its way into this blog in some form or fashion. As for the rest, I plan to include some exceptionally sweet moments I observe, some really funny ones, some "oh my gosh, that didn't just happen" ones (those usually happen at weddings/receptions that serve something other than tea and punch!), some very creative weddings, as well as, some very poorly planned instances in which my favorite phrase those working close by hear often "I wouldn't have (insert choice of wedding faux pas here)...but, it's NOT my wedding".

Thus, the idea behind the "unofficial" bride blog.

At the end of the day, I have hopes for this blog to mostly be entertaining, slightly informative for the soon-to-be married folks, somewhat nostalgic for the old married folks, and we shall see what direction it may take from here.

Happy reading!

-the unofficial bride

(Disclaimer: All information expressed in this blog is purely of the writer's opinion)

PS, I'm open to suggestions, comments, feedback, etc. so leave me a message!

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