Saturday, June 6, 2009

Destination Weddings and Druppy Britches

Wedding & Reception: Groom's Family Home, Daphne, AL

Saturday morning, 6:30am (ok, 6:45am really because I have to hit my snooze at least 3 times before finally getting out of bed), I was very rudely woken by my cell phone alarm - which, btw, is the ONLY alarm I've ever used that doesn't make me want to throw it across the room when it goes off. Morning person? Not so much...

Anyway, it is my goal in life to NOT have to wake before 8:00am, especially on a weekend, unless I'm going on vacation and then maybe. However, I had to make an exception today as I was being picked up at 7:30am for a quick trip to Daphne, AL for a wedding. For those of you who don't know, Daphne is about 4 1/2 hours southwest of Birmingham and it's on Mobile Bay.
After a nutritional breakfast at McDonald's, we were on our way. Naturally, I think I talked for more than 200 miles of the 260 mile trip, a feat, I know. I think I'm making up for the many times my dad introduced me by saying (verbatim), "This is Keri, she's shy."

During one stretch-our-legs stops (aka bathroom breaks), a door sign immediately caught my attention. (see picture)

At first glance, I thought "what in the world are druppy pants"? Then, just as quickly, the "ahhhhh" part. They mean droopy. Right? Surely....

12:30pm: Destination reached. After checking into the hotel, followed by a quick lunch and a 30 minute resting of my eyes, we headed to the wedding venue. The wedding was taking place at the father of the G's private bayside resort, AHEM, I mean home. Except this home came loaded with a swimming pool and 2 hot tubs, private 8-hole putting green, gym and bar overlooking the bay, private beach and large boathouse, just to give you an idea. Was I envious? Must you ask... : )

In all, the wedding was beautiful, yet intimate. It was simply the B&G, 2 attendants, 2 flower girls and one ring bearer, and about 50-60 guests. In my opinion, this wedding proves that bigger isn't always better unless you're referring to the size of the boat. Ha!

After wrapping up an hour earlier than expected and the B&G are off to the Grand Hotel to start their honeymoon, I'm looking forward to a restful night back in my hotel suite complete with black out drapes and king size bed minus two bed hogging cats. Sweet dreams!

-the unofficial bride

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  1. That's funny!! I wish more stores/restaurants would post signs like that!! :)